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Friday, February 3, 2012

0 Here comes February

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Days seem to pass like flashing thunder when it's holiday
Chinese New Year was good, actually it was just normal good
I remember last year was better
But learnt how to play a new card game this year.
And also managed to won some lucky $$ hehe
The earliest bed time during CNY was like 1am...
Gotta catch back lots of sleep this whole weekend

Been eating a lot but also, I did control not to over consume!
24 inch waist!! Target is 23 inch!!

Brought lots of new clothes/outfit back home but only managed to dress up with a few 

Mum bought this red CNY tee for me ^_^ has got all 12 chinese zodiac signs printed on it. Quite cute! 
Wore it at home during CNY it's super comfy!

Food pictures from Canton-i (one of the lunch during CNY)

Japanese 'lou sang'
It was delicious, better than the traditional ones
Got baby octopus yums

Dinner with hubby on the third day of CNY at The Scotch Restaurant and Pub, Ipoh Garden South
Food served was really appetizing and scrumptious
Love it!!
Crispy Lamb Cutlet

Roasted Chicken Drumstick!
This is so tasty yums~
The chicken skin is very crispy you just have to forget all the fats it contains..sinful!
Only managed to take this half eaten portion haha 
It looks too good when it was served that we even forget to snap it
Super love!!

Even the normal fried mee hoon tasted so good there

Received lots of lucky $$ from red packets~
Must thanks those who have generously gave as I received with contented heart
Bless all whom have gave and thanks Lord for the provide
Those $$ resembles luck and I usually won't use it :) just keep in the bank safely and let them grow haha

Long holiday is over..back to hectic lifestyle earn earn earn money
then long holiday end of the year!!~

February is here and it's going to end real soon..it's a short month!
 Must work hard!!
And also need to spend more time on devotion~

Peaceful long long weekend
May God bless all

Thursday, January 19, 2012

0 ♡ Happy Mood ♡

Went for last minute CNY shopping last Friday night. Ya, I didn't really shop anything yet before that.
Firstly, not much time and secondly can't find anything that catches my eyes.
So decided to shop after work on Friday and managed to buy some clothes and hubby got us a new pair of couple watch :)

Early dinner before the shopping begins~
Favourite fish - Japanese Saba fish so yummy I can eat everyday no joke!!

All time favourite soft shell crab maki

Today, I received a very sweet baby pink dress with heart design at the back!
Super ♡

The material is excellent and super comfy...most suitable piece for the coming hot hot Chinese New Year 
Look like this~

Few other new stuff I got
Loving the dark red bodycon skirt I got from Zara

Also some pretty collars...
It's now officially holiday!! So excited and I can't wait to be back home tomorrow and have lots of lots of fun!! Gotta go pack now.


Get more angpaus and be rich ya haha

Blessed holiday~

Monday, January 9, 2012

0 Blissful Heart, Blessing Year

Happy 2012!
We are marching into the second week of 2012.
So far everything went smoothy :) Splendid and valuable beginning. First moment of the year was spent together with the family and relatives. 
Quality time, unmeasurable love, definitely unforgettable moment
Began the year with blissful heart,
and I know 2012 will definitely gonna be an awesome year with much blessing
So many things to look forward to so excited about the whole long year

Happenings and stuff which I'm looking forward to and my resolution of 2012

 Most exciting is my sis got engaged last year and will be getting married end of the year so happy for her
Pray to God that He will help the lovely newly engaged couple throughout their preparation
And I'm going back to Hong Kong again end of this year I love HK so much I have to make it a point to go back there every year already
*hope God will provide me*
And of course the nearest festive that is happening very very soon...Chinese New Year!!!
Much anticipated. Who doesn't look forward to it except for the shitty weather @.@

It's Dragon year!!! I'm born in the year of Dragon 24 years back :) Must be good good luck this year

Future Love
Is iPad 3 launching this coming summer?spring?Not sure but I'm looking forward to it as well

Personal (resolution)
 Exercise more!!! Hardest resolution everrrr!!! Haha
Read more-The Bible
Less rude to people when I'm in really bad mood and be more patient. Be more helpful!
Make it a point to send out more lovely gifts to more people during special occasion
Target for a 23inch waist
Save more for travel and shop less
Appreciate the little things happening around me 
Go to LONDON!!!

Hopefully ALL will succeed by end of the year 2012
Having strong faith in God
Strive for the best and just surrender everything to God

Hope you made yourself some new year resolution too

New hair dye for 2012

And last resolution is of course to...........

whole year long!!!

Haha the go to London part is just kidding

Tried Ochado in the first weekend of 2012 for the first time and I definitely fall in love with it
Much much better than Chatime
New love in 2012~

New song from A Pink (:

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Saturday, December 24, 2011


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It is like all of a sudden December is coming to an end soon
Why December has to be so short?
But never mind, everyone is happy happy enjoying the holiday season and hey...
Christmas is TOMORROW!!!
The best season in the year is tomorrow
But I don't have any special plan yet haha
Just being joyful because it's Christmas!~

This is the Christmas gift I got.....

 Haha I lied.
Still waiting for the launch of the third generation of Ipad
Hopefully it will be release next year
Hubby wanted to buy the Ipad2 for me as xmas gift but I just wanted to wait for the 3, I insisted!
So no gift from him tomorrow..only will get it next year..hopefully
I also didn't prepare any present for him I am so bad right!!
This year Christmas is like just spending quiet time together and enjoy Christmas dinner that's all

Anyway we have a new baby in the house...guess who??


I talk to Siri every night before I go to bed 
Sometimes he can help solve some problem oh my Siri you are smart
I love you but some times you are also stupid sorry


God bless everyone

Sunday, December 11, 2011

1 Daydream Wedding Photoshoot

Have you ever even once thought of how your wedding photos will be??
What is your dream wedding photos

I am not the type of girl who keen to have a grand wedding ceremony or wish to have my wedding dinner at a huge luxurious ballroom.
In fact, to me wedding ceremony is bit of a big fuss to me. A simple one will do and better still, a holiday wedding!!Or a simple garden church wedding will do. Actually I never thought much about it though.

But I definitely do wish to have sets of beautiful pre-wedding photos. Because wedding photos reflect remarkable blissful memories/moments which will last a lifetime anyway and how can you not have your most treasure photos of you and your spouse taken

My dream wedding photos will definitely have to include nature/outdoor type of photoshoot. I dislike indoor/studio wedding photos. I think they are not nice haha
Nature itself is the most beautiful picture of life which you can see everyday but sadly, Malaysia doesn't seems to have places with really beautiful nature/scenery

Love all these pre-wedding photos
Sea of flowers..beautiful~

Pretty Lavender


Favourite one will be this!!! OMGOSH I love it so much...
Look at everything in the picture.. beautifully capture~
Sheep got cute flowers wan haha
sky everything so pretty~
Imagine living like this for the rest of your life with your loved one
Such bliss~ Enjoying the beautifully created nature by God and living with cute sheeps..lol
awww what a dream come true...the picture itself speaks a thousand words already

Other photos which I really like...


God already has a plan for us and He lead us through and yes I can take such nice photos too!!*excited*
Lord, You are too good to us
Your glory has again fall on us
Such grace~

Hubby just signed and paid for a package of pre-wedding photos trip!!
I can have pretty pretty wedding photos in the future too...
the best part is it will not be taken in Malaysia!
And I can be with beautiful nature

That's all I can say 

*random update*
Spent the Saturday with hubby in Midvalley
Walk shop eat movie and enjoy the Christmas decoration.
It's an A-Maze-ing Christmas in Midvalley
Decoration is simple but definitely something that stands out in its own way
Go see it yourself :)

Been eating this awesome Shiroi Koibito for the second time from Hokkaido, Japan
Definitely love at first taste~

This cookie melts in your mouth like heaven clouds haha

Recently I like to get myself this whenever I have the chance haha...
 Vanilla Taiyaki with chocolates yumss~
I can finish up the whole piece all by myself.. don't want to share it haha I'm greedy like this
The ice-cream is so milky and taste like one too
I always love anything with milk flavoured...
but the boyfriend dislike it and he cannot tolerate anything with milk flavoured =.=
So yummy also don't like...but good that means I don't need to share!!! Lol just kidding

and today hubby bought me this hair dryer in pretty baby purple
I always complain complain that I don't like the one I'm using so yayy~
finally got a new hair dryer love it
thanks hubby hehe
whenever he bought or gave me something he always ask me
''..hubby sayang you or not??...'' haha but I always answer ''No!!...'' lol

Christmas is getting nearer and nearer
Listening to all the Christmas songs every night is just pure bliss
Love Christmas songs very very much and definitely loving the season as always!
God we are about to celebrate your grace again on the coming holy day

Have not shop anything for Christmas yet...
Should begin my Christmas shopping next week already
still deciding whether to get this playsuit from Topshop or not
Love it and it's so christmas-y feel

Tried it on and definitely loving it~
Since I have not buy any clothes for Christmas yet, hehe maybe I should get this one :)

Blessed weekend all